Opening Day

When you arrive…

 See COVID-19 Update page for more policies during the pandemic.

On Mondays at Fircreek Day Camp, there are several things you should know when you arrive!

 Step 1 – Check In:

There will be a tent with multiple registrars that will take your child’s name to confirm they are coming for the week. This is also the time to put in candy store money and sign up for a Drop Zone (if you have not done so already and wish to do so). Our main registrar will also be there to manage any remaining charges needing to be settled.

 Step 2 – Activities Sign-Up:

Once check-in is completed, there will be a large covered area just inside the main gate, where you and your child can sign up for activity classes. If your child is going into 1st – 3rd grade, they will sign up for two activity classes (unless they choose Aqua Zone, in case that will be their only class). If your child is going into 4th – 6th grade, they will sign up for one activity class major.

 Step 3 – Health Aide (Optional):

If your child has medications, allergies or other health concerns, our Health Aide will be available to parents. This is only required if your child has one of the earlier mentioned needs, but our Health Aide is open for all questions and concerns.

 Step 4 – Play:

After step 3, it’s time to play! We will have games and stations set up so kids can get right into the swing of things. Camp begins promptly at 9 AM, when we will go over rules and introduce kids to their counselors. You are more than welcome to stay for the opening proceedings of camp, until your children meet their counselor.


Counselor lifting child

Things to Bring:

Here’s a list of what to bring. Please label everything  with your child’s name.




Water bottle


Counselor lifting child

Nervousness / Homesickness

Many children have a difficult time making the transition to a full day without their parents. We understand this and do everything within our power to help your child get comfortable with our camp setting.

If your child is having a hard time before camp starts on Monday, find a staff member and we will introduce your child to their counselor early so that they have a buddy right from the start.

Check-In / Check-Out

For the safety of your child, we do require that you check your camper in for the day when dropping them off, and out for the day when picking them up. To check your camper in/out, you will sign an attendance roster each day, set up on the tables directly inside the Fircreek Corral. A Fircreek Leadership staff member will be there at all times to answer any questions.

If your child is part of the Drop Zone van pick-up and drop-off, you’ll still need to check in at Fircreek Day Camp on Monday morning (van service is available Monday afternoon each week and following), then you may sign your child in/out with the van driver.


Drop-Off at camp is between 7:30-9:00 AM each morning.
Camp activities begin at 9:00 AM every day.


Pick-Up at camp is between 4:45-5:30 PM each evening.

Camp activities end at 4:45 PM every day. Please be prompt in picking up your campers by 5:30 PM.

Drop Zone Van

Click here to view the full Drop Zone van details, times and locations.


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