Energy, Faith, Responsibility & Training Student Volunteer Program

EFRT and kids

Serving on Fircreek’s EFRT Staff is…

a very fun, rewarding yet difficult calling. It requires 100% commitment and clear focus to its cause of loving kids, serving parents and clearing a path to Jesus.

The EFRT Program (pronounced “effort”) invites young high school students, ages 14-17, to work alongside the Fircreek (FC) summer staff and share the load by serving in support roles for a two-week period during the summer. “EFRT” is an acronym for Energy, Faith, Responsibility and Training.

Fircreek EFRT Information

EFRT Sessions

The EFRT program offers four, two-week sessions throughout the summer. There is room for about six students per session. The start date of each session is as follows:

2020 Start Dates:

Session I: June 28–July 11

Session II: July 12–25

Session III: July 26–August 8

Session IV: August 9–22

Contact Info:

For further information regarding the Fircreek EFRT program and how to apply, please contact:

Evan Bryant, Fircreek Director

Phone: 360-733-6840, x225

Email: [email protected]

Program Components

There are three basic components to the EFRT experience. These components are: Ministry Service, Program Activity and Spiritual Enrichment.

Ministry Service

EFRT volunteers are vital to the overall ministry of FC day camp. Each EFRT will be assigned to a FC counselor for each week of their term. They will assist the counselor with the overall supervision of the assigned “buddy group,” making the camper experience safe, exciting, and fun. EFRTs will also be assigned, along with all FC staff, to various operational jobs of camp.

Program & Activities

EFRTs will assist in the various needs of the daily FC program, such as facade creation and theme development, skits, event set-up and clean-up, etc. They will also be expected to assist with Adventure Zone activity class teaching and supervision of campers, assisting the Zone leader in carrying out a fun and successful activity.

Spiritual Enrichment

The evenings at FC are set aside for the spiritual enrichment and refueling of the FC summer staff. EFRTs will attend all evening staff meetings. These meetings include worship, prayer, teaching, discussion of the daily ministry impact, as well as community life.



Life as an EFRT

Living at Fircreek

EFRT students are required to live at Fircreek Day Camp for the duration of their term of service. Each EFRT volunteer is expected to abide by the Fircreek Summer Staff code of conduct, as outlined in the FC staff policy manual, while in the program. They will be assigned to a summer staff living group and stay in summer staff cabins. All meals will be provided. Most meals are served in The Firs Dining Room, with the exception of a daily sack lunch.

Service & Responsibility

We ask EFRT volunteers to bring vibrant energy to the FC team, allowing their faith to be built through active service in the camp environment, to take on responsibility vital to the success of FC Day Camp, and to receive practical training for an authentic Christian life.


EFRT Application

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Apply Here

Please specify “EFRT” on your application

Click on the link to apply for Fircreek’s EFRT – Energy, Faith, Responsibility & Training – Student Volunteer Program.


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